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Available: Estimate Spring 2024

ISBN: 979-8-9886508-3-6



An Unofficial G.I. Joe Character Guide

by Greg Agustin with Josh Eggebeen & Roger Taft

  • 180 fully colored pages printed on 100# paper

  • 8.5” x 11” magazine size publication

  • Perfect binding with a visible spine

  • Softcover 

An unofficial G.I. JOE Character Guide

You have been granted access to the classified COMMAND FILES of America’s highly trained Special Missions force.


In this visual reference book, discover over 100 dossiers that feature nostalgic G.I. JOE images from toy packaging, comic books, and cartoons faithfully transcribed histories and service records from the classic action figure file cards then modernized to today’s Special Ops specialties, qualifications, and skills. 


Subtitled "A-Teams" AFTER ACTON REPORT COMMAND FILES VOLUME 1 details the specialized operational detachments of SPECIAL COUNTER-TERRORIST GROUP DELTA.  Includes TOP SECRET briefing on the inner workings of the team from its order of battle to command structure.



Character List for "A-Teams"

COMMAND: Joseph Colton, Hawk

ALPHA: Breaker, Duke, Flash, Grunt, Rock 'n Roll, Short-Fuze, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Zap

BRAVO: Airborne (Talltree), Barbecue, Beach Head, Clutch, Doc (Carl Greer), Footloose, Grand Slam, Leatherneck, Mainframe, Sci-Fi, Steeler

CHARLIE: Blizzard, Bushido, Frostbite, Iceberg, Snow Job, Snow Storm, Sub-Zero, Whiteout, Cold Front, Dee-Jay, Ice Storm, Windchill

DELTA: Ambush, Crankcase, Dusty, Flint, Hacker, Mutt (and Junkyard), Lady Jaye, Spirit, Stretcher, Tollbooth, Rapid-Fire, Dial Tone (Jill Morelli)

ECHO: Alpine, Backblast, Hard Drive, Hit & Run, Long Range (Fritz), Low-Light, Mirage, Quick Kick, Med-Alert, Sideswipe

FOXTROT: Airborne (Six), Airwave, Altitude, Barrel Roll, Drop Zone, Free Fall, Hi-Tech, Ripcord, Skydive, Static Line

INDIA: Bazooka, Big Brawler, Claymore, Dial-Tone (Jack Morelli), Lifeline, Outback, Pathfinder, Recondo, Scoop, Roadblock, Tripwire, Wreckage

KILO: Bombstrike, Crazylegs, Falcon, Gung-Ho, Lightfoot, Muskrat, Psyche-Out, Recoil, Repeater, Sneak Peek, Spearhead, Tunnel Rat

SIERRA: Deep Six, Depth Charge, Torpedo, Shipwreck, Tracker, Wet-Suit, Link, Night Fox, Wet Down

TACTICAL OPS: Airtight, Doc (Carla Greer), Captain Grid-Iron, Long Range (Garcia), Major Altitude, Shooter, Sgt. Slaughter, Sparks, Topside, Sgt. Stone, Major Storm, Super Trooper, The Fridge

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