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Roger has been collecting G.I. Joe comics, toys, and all kinds of crazy memorabilia since he was a kid. Now as an “adult kid,” he buys and sells toys for a living at Atomic Age Artifacts: Antique & Collectible Mall in Central Florida. He has always had a passion for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, since he is a true child of the 80's, and has always used guidebooks to find and collect the toys and all their parts and accessories.

Over the decades, many great G.I. Joe collector books have been published for every era, size, and shape of the toys. But there wasn't a book to help collectors complete their G.I. Joe comic collections. To Roger, that seemed like an oversight that needed to be corrected. It’s always been his dream to have an in-hand guidebook to use as a resource when hunting for comics in long boxes at conventions.

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