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Comic Guides feature Private Pew Pew​


Comprehensive reference guides to help you collect them all

As envisioned by former writers of Roger Taft and Josh Eggebeen, AFTER ACTION REPORT (AAR) started as a series of reference guides that cover all the known G.I. Joe comics and books ever published. Backed by its own Kickstarter moving through distinct series, publishers and 40 years of periodicals, each AAR Volume covers an era of G.I. Joe comics based generally off the publisher during a particular decade.  Each Comic Guide volume is a catalog of every known version of any Hasbro licensed G.I. Joe comic or book produced during a specific era including every cover variant.   In addition, each guide contains creator interviews, historical articles, highlight pages of cool G.I. Joe related subjects & lots of fun facts.  The cover of each Guide features original artwork illustrated exclusively for that guide plus original back cover art by an artist of that era.  At the back of each Comic Guide is a master checklist that collector's can conveniently use to track their missing comics.  Each comprehensive Guide will send collectors down the rabbit hole trying to collect them all. 

Why make AAR Comic Guides?

The G.I. Joe community has a very loyal collecting community that has loved G.I. Joe since 1964. So many of those fans have published books on collecting G.I. Joe. The majority of these books are toy based from the many different eras of G.I. Joe as well as collecting the art & pre-production process.

With many of those authors being contributors or advisors to AAR, Roger & Josh plan to spends hours, even years of their life, dedicated to preserving all aspects of G.I. Joe comics by creating guide books that cover all of the different versions of the comics from Marvel, Devil’s Due and IDW eras of G.I. Joe; the amazing variant covers; the history of their creation; the creators' stories; the international versions; all to help preserve the comics part of

G.I. Joe's history.


It’s always been Roger's dream to have a useable and handy guide book for collecting G.I. Joe comics. A resource to track his collection when hunting for G.I. Joe comics in those long boxes at every convention. From printed paper lists based upon Excel to modern day apps on phones, Roger and all other collectors have used all sorts of methods to track the gaps in their collections.

And thus the start of AFTER ACTION REPORT Series ball started rolling...

  • Spring 2020 CO-VID shutdown. Roger calls Josh asks "Want to do a project that will take a year?" Josh jumped on the idea with a big YES. Scanning covers and the writing the book begins.

  • September 2020 First Kickstarter for AAR Volume #1 Marvel Era premiered at JoeFest in Augusta, GA

  • October 2020 Kickstarter successfully funded with 4 stretch goals reached

  • February 2021 goes live pre-selling AAR Volume #1

  • September 2021 One year after the first announcement of AAR Volume #1 and after global printing & shipping challenges overcome AAR Volume #1 arrived in Kickstarter backers' hands

  • October 2021 Work on AAR Volume #2 Devil's Due Era begins

  • May 2022 Kickstarter for AAR Volume #2 funds 100% in 48 hour

  • November 2022 Kickstarter for AAR Volume #3 IDW ARAH Era funds in 6 days

  • November 2022 AAR: Command Files Character Guide announced at Assembly Required in Des Moines, IA

  • February 2023 Kickstarter for AAR: Command Files Volume #1 begins

  • March 2023 site refresh

  • April 2023 Kickstarter for AAR: Command Files Volume #1  funds, but campaign pauses for 35 days due to copyright infringement claim

  • May 2023 Kickstarter for AAR: Command Files Volume #1 resumes and completes

  • June 2023 Kickstarter for AAR Volume #1 Second Printing Newsstand begins

Tentatively looking forward

  • January 2024 Kickstarter for History of G.I. Joe #21 an After Action Report Book begins

  • Spring 2024 Kickstarter for AAR: Command Files Volume #2 begins

  •  2024 Kickstarter for AAR: International Volumes #1 and #2 begins


And the adventure continues...

For Roger, it's been a near lifetime of thinking about AAR. For Josh, just a couple of years of non stop computer work on AAR. But for both writers, its been 40 years of searching, researching, buying, collecting, selling and trading G.I. Joe Comics. They both have a passion for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comics that has NEVER stopped since 1982. 

When it comes to tracking and filling out your own collection, you can't do better than what Roger and Josh have contributed to the Joe community. The two have been contributors to the Comic Section. Josh was the Senior Editor of the YoJoe Comic Section for over a decade. Both have written several articles for Joe Declassified Magazine. Josh created the International Comic Section 


Roger Taft

  • AAR VOL 1 - Marvel Era

  • AAR VOL 2 - Devil's Due Era

  • Former YOJOE.COM Comics Section writer

  • Former JOE DECLASSIFIED Magazine writer

Josh Eggebeen


AAR VOL 1 - Marvel Era

AAR VOL 2 - Devil's Due Era

AAR VOL 3 - Larry Hama's IDW ARAH Era


Former YOJOE.COM Comics Section writer and editor

Former JOE DECLASSIFIED Magazine writer

Ted Jacobson

  • AAR VOL 3 - Larry Hama's IDW ARAH Era

  • Contributor,, Serpentor's Lair

  • "Dreadnok Life" Parody

Brian Sauer


Greg Agustin


  • AAR Website


A project like this can't be done by just two people, so below are the people who helped get AAR Volume #1 made with their contributions help make it an excellent book to be added to a collector's collections.

Editor: Tom Eggebeen

Consultants: James Kavanaugh, Jr, R. Carson Mataxis, Jim Marshall

Australian Contributor: Tom Seel

Checklist created by Calvin Chymy

1st Key Appearance List created by Ted Jacobson

Contributors: Ted "Skinny Joefan" Jacobson, Phil Donnelly, Calvin Chymy, Adam Wojciechowski, Tom Seel, Dan Moore, Patrick Stewart, John Neville, Tom Raupp, Tim Finn, Jon Cremeans, Tom Feister & Rod Whigham

Supporters: Jason Murrell, Mike Irizarry, Ryan Drost, Hawk Graves, Tommy Hazleton, Justin Bell, Ed Schumacher & Terry Dizard

Special Thanks: Larry Hama, Rick Parker, Herb Trimpe + Jim Shooter, Denny O'Neil, Stan Lee, Ron Rudat, Hector Garrido, Ron Friedman, Alan Hassenfeld, Kirk Bozigian + Marvel, Griffin Becal, Hasbro, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Storm Shadow and a bunch of kids who never stopped dreaming of G.I. Joe ...and your local comic shop (LCS). 


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