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Brian first got his mitts on the newly minted G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero action figures in the summer of ‘82 — and discovered the accompanying comic book shortly thereafter. From that moment forward, the franchise would forever hold a kung-fu grip on his imagination and influence the trajectory of his life. Those early tales by Larry Hama sparked Brian’s love for storytelling and spurred ambitions to become a comic artist. The dream of drawing for the House of Ideas never came to fruition, but that passion forged by G.I. Joe drove him down a path to an illustrious career in advertising as a designer, illustrator and Creative Director. Along with close friends who share his fervor, Brian founded CODE NAME IOWA’s ASSEMBLY REQUIRED event in 2011. His work is prolific throughout the fan community — and can be seen on projects such as The Full Force podcast, 3D Joes’ COLLECTING THE ART OF G.I. JOE, THE UNOFFICIAL G.I. JOE FAN CLUB and many more. Qualified Expert: Illustration; Typography; Graphic Design; Print Production; Proficient in full Adobe Suite (Illustrator; Photoshop; InDesign)

“I requested awesome illustrations to complement the words I rhyme, he designed and drew an album cover that’s the coolest of all time!” - Rap Viper “He designed my CD booklet with illustrations bold and hyper, his pencil skills are so on point that some call him Visual Sniper!” - Rap Viper

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