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Roger & Josh are following the path of many G.I. Joe fans by converting their passion for G.I. Joe into a book.  That path is very common: create book idea, use Kickstarter to get funding, make book, finish book, release book.  Then repeat for the next volume.  They are now starting as of May 19th the Kickstarter for Volume #2.

Make a Pledge Soon 

For Volume #2 

Support the After Action Report  Volume #2 on Kickstarter and receive some one-of-a-kind items to add to your G.I. Joe collection.

2020 Completed Kickstarter for Volume #1


The Kickstarter campaign for After Action Report Volume #1 was successfully funded on October 15th, 2020 reaching 4 extra Stretch goals.

Next Up

Next planned Kickstarter 2021 - 

After Action Report Volume #2

Devil's Due Era 


including Image/Devil's Due, 

Hasbro, Dreamwave

Date is TBD. (Likely Fall 2021)

From the Netherlands

IDW #155 1/2 Free Comic Book Day 2010

Upcoming Volumes and Kickstarters

Volume #2 

Devil's Due Publishing Era

2001 to 2008

Volume #3

 IDW Era 

Larry Hama's IDW A.R.A.H. 

Continuity #155 1/2 to #300

2010 to 2022

GI Joe International Comics

Non-English Volumes 

1982 to Present

#1 or #4 


#2 or #5

North & South America + Asia

What is below is some of the copy & paste contents of the Volume #1 Kickstarter

The STRETCH GOALS for Volume #1

  • 1st Stretch Goal

  • The After Action Report is now fully funded! If we reach the first $7,777 goal with less then 10 days to go and every backer received a reward of the Black and White Ashcan promo from JoeFest.

  • 2nd Stretch Goal

  • Reached $8,500 with 5 days to go giving every backer gets an 8.5” x 11” mini print of the full-color Rod Whigham final art. This is the same artwork that will grace the cover of After Action Report Volume 1.

  • 3rd Stretch Goal

  • Reached $,9000 with 2 days to go every backer gets an 8.5” x 11” mini print of the uncolored Rod Whigham drawing of the final art.

  • 4th Stretch Goal

  •  At $9,750 on the last day the SEPARATELY printed version of the condensed pull-out checklist called The Roll Call which is 14 pages printed on regular paper and stapled.

  • 5th Stretch Goal

  • $10,000 also reached on the last day we will add a second commissioned piece of art to act as the back cover of the book. The artist and design are still TBD.

Volume #1 EXCLUSIVE ASHCAN* PROMO only available during the Kickstarter and at highest pledge level.

The only way to get an exclusive full color Ashcan is to pledge to the $110 reward. Its Color and Black and White variants are 100% exclusive (the "Everything you wanted to know" cover is actually the back of each Ashcan).

*An Ashcan is a four-page, digest-size promo booklet printed in color or black and white used to promote a comic book.

After Action Report Volume #1 Includes These Comic Series: 

From Marvel Publishing:

  • G.I. Joe A Real American Hero (ARAH) #1 to 155 + Special*

  • ARAH Special Missions*

  • ARAH Yearbook*

  • ARAH Order of Battle*

  • ARAH G.I. Joe and the Transformers*

  • Transformers Generation 2*

  • European Missions

  • Tales of G.I. Joe*

  • Marvel Digest G.I. Joe

  • The Trojan Gambit

  • The Treasury Edition

* During the Marvel Era, there were typically 2 to 5 versions of every issue published. These versions include Direct Market, Newsstand, Canadian Priced, Australian Priced, 2nd and 3rd Prints, plus insert and other random versions. 

From Blackthorne Publishing:

  • How to Draw G.I. Joe

  • G.I. Joe in 3-D

From Marvel UK and Australia:

  • Action Force

  • Action Force Specials

  • Action Force Annuals

  • Action Force Monthly

  • Transformers and Action Force/G.I. Joe the Action Force

  • Incredible Hulk Presents

  • G.I. Joe Australia

From Dark Horse Publishing

  • G.I. Joe Extreme Series 1

  • G.I. Joe Extreme Series 2

Only has come close to documenting all of these editions to help collectors know what to look for. After Action Report will be an in-hand guide book that is a checklist and photo guide to ALL the versions that were produced.

It will help collectors fill their gaps they didn't even know they had!

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