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What will the AAR 

Comic Book Guide 

Look Like???

Here are several page examples of the guide book aspect of AAR. They have been designed to accommodate the wide range books published in many different sizes ranging from Copper age comics, standard Modern comics, variant comic covers, digests, magazines, paperback books, foreign editions, coloring books, toy packs & more. 

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero has been published for 40 years from many different publishers in many different countries under different names & lots of languages equaling lots of variety.

For collector's the continuity of the series matters, a unique feature is the color continuity coding. Each continuity has been assigned a color. These colors can be seen to the right by looking at the boxes around the cover image.

Additionally in each guide book, there are articles, interviews, fun fact pages & at the back of each book a complete checklist for that era comics to help the collector track their collection (Checklist example: below top right)




Fun Facts

Multi-Cover Variants - Devil's Due #26-43

Interconnected Covers - GvTF Art of War

Comic with Figures - Hasbro Comic Figure Packs

Direct Market & Newsstand Versions - Marvel ARAH

UK Magazine Size - Action Force

US Magazine Size - G.I. Joe Magazine

Standard Comic Size - Marvel G.I. Joe TransformersCrossover

Standard Comic Size Alternating - Dreamwave TFG Crossover

Digest Size - Comics Magazine

Book Specs

Each After Action Report Volume Specs: 

144 fully colored pages printed on 100# paper. 

The binding type is soft perfect binding which features a visible spine.

Measures as an 8.5” x 11” magazine size publication 


Exclusive front & back cover art by a G.I. Joe artist from the era of the volume

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