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Available: Estimate November 2023



Larry Hama's IDW ARAH Era from #155 1/2 to #300

An Unofficial G.I. Joe Comics Guide

by Josh Eggebeen with Roger Taft & Ted Jacobson + Brian Sauer

  • Features exclusive cover art by Larry Hama, Steve Leialoha, and J. Brown
  • 144 fully colored pages printed on 100# paper
  • 8.5” x 11” magazine size publication
  • Perfect binding with a visible spine
  • Softcover 

An unofficial G.I. JOE Comics Guide

The concept was conceived decades ago by Roger Taft then during the spring CO-VID 2020 shutdown, he called Josh Eggebeen to pitch him with the question "Want to do a project that will take a year?" And so AFTER ACTION REPORT VOL 1 began with a successful Kickstarter in October 2020, final book was in hand in September 2021.

AFTER ACTION REPORT VOL 3 is Larry Hama's IDW ARAH era of continuity covering issues #155 1/2 to #300 (plus the Silent Option series & several Annuals & a Yearbook & lots of TPB's) from 2010-2022.


  • Forward by former Devil's Due Publishing publisher Sam Wells

  • Introduction by Justin Bell
  • Writer/Artist DDP President Josh Blaylock Interview
  • Writer/Artist Larry Hama Interview
  • Writer Brandon Jerwa Interview
  • Writer / Artist Tim Seeley Interview
  • Editor / Writer Mark Powers Interview
  • Key 1st Appearance List
  • Complete Devil's Due Checklist

Exclusive Interviews

  • Of course, it will start with the living legend, LARRY HAMA, a 2022 Eisner Hall of Fame inductee

  • S.L. Gallant and Brian Shearer who both have epic long runs on the IDW ARAH series.
  • Fan favorite Robert Atkins, who has drawn G.I. Joe in numerous continuties & has a short run on IDW ARAH.
  • Netho Diaz who has brought a very different look to G.I. Joe with his run on IDW ARAH.

Exclusive Articles

  • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers Crossover Part 3

  • The G.I. Joe #21 2nd Printing Follow Up, explaining lots of new information discovered since 2020.
  • The Death of Snake Eyes
  • The Birth of Dawn Moreno

Collector's Guide Book includes:

  • IDW ARAH #155 1/2 - 300 all written by Larry Hama
  • ARAH Silent Option series + Annuals & Yearbook
  • IDW Trade Paperbacks (TPB): IDW TPB: #1-?? 20 something (covering all IDW ARAH, unknown at the time for IDW plans for the final issues TPB & when they will be released)
  • IDW Classic: # 1-20 ( Covering Marvel Comics #1-155 then IDW up to #205)
  • IDW One-shots: Con Specials, IDW hardback collections, One-Shot collections & more odd releases from IDW
  • IDW Transformers vs G.I. Joe by Tom Scioli & John Barber with the AAR part 3 history of G.I. Joe and the Transformers crossover article written by Josh Eggebeen (which will include a list of the crossover issues & series in the IDW continuity ie the Hasbro Universe)