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Devil's Due Era 2001-2008 + More

An Unofficial G.I. Joe Comics Guide

by Josh Eggebeen & Roger Taft

  • Features exclusive cover art by Devil's Due Comics founder Josh Blaylock and his crew

  • 144 fully colored pages printed on 100# paper

  • 8.5” x 11” magazine size publication

  • Perfect binding with a visible spine

  • Softcover 

An unofficial G.I. JOE Comics Guide

The concept was conceived decades ago by Roger Taft then during the spring CO-VID 2020 shutdown, he called Josh Eggebeen to pitch him with the question "Want to do a project that will take a year?" And so AFTER ACTION REPORT VOL 1 began with a successful Kickstarter in October 2020, final book was in hand in September 2021.

AFTER ACTION REPORT VOL 2 tells the story of Devil's Due Comics' Josh Blaylock who is credited in the early 2000s with bringing an entire genre back to the mainstream - 1980s properties. He started by obtaining the G.I. Joe license from Hasbro and blowing open the doors of comic shops as thousands of comic fans returned to the comic market to pick up the new G.I. Joe comic released on September 12th, 2001.

AFTER ACTION REPORT VOL 2 is only for sale on this website and wherever the authors can sell them in person, which is generally at conventions like Joefest.


Forward by former Devil's Due Publishing publisher Sam Wells

  • Introduction by Justin Bell
  • Writer/Artist DDP President Josh Blaylock Interview
  • Writer/Artist Larry Hama Interview
  • Writer Brandon Jerwa Interview
  • Writer / Artist Tim Seeley Interview
  • Editor / Writer Mark Powers Interview
  • Key 1st Appearance List
  • Complete Devil's Due Checklist
  • Exclusive Interviews

    Josh Blaylock, Mark Powers, Brandon Jerwa, Tim Seeley, Marshall Dillon even military consultant Tilman Goins + the introduction by Sam Wells.

  • And, of course, the living legend, LARRY HAMA.
  • And there's even more: we have contributing authors Justin Bell & James Kavanaugh helping make AAR a better book.
  • The stories chronical the return of G.I. Joe comics to comic shops in the early 2000s. (which by the way since 2001 (minus the Diamond Distributors shutdown of 2020) has never missed a month, with at least one Joe comic appearing new on the shelf.)
  • This impact of G.I. Joe's return CANNOT be understated in the context of today's massive need for 1980's nostalgia properties.
  • Exclusive Articles

    • DDP Era Newsstands Explained

    • History of G.I. Joe & the Transformers Crossovers Part 2

    • Inspiring Movies

    • Benchmark Comics Presentation

    • Rise of the Forum by Justin Bell

    • Photo contributions from James Kavanaugh

    Collector's Guide Book for G.I. Joe A Real America Hero (ARAH) Comics includes:

    From Image Comics

    • ARAH #1-25 Main Series

    • ARAH Front Line

    • ARAH Battle Files

    • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers

    • From Devil's Due Publishing

    • ARAH #26-43 Main Series

    • Master & Apprentice 1 & 2

    • All Declassified Series

    • ARAH America's Elite

    • America's Elite Handbook & Data Desk

    • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers II

    • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers The Art of War

    • G.I. Joe vs the Transformers Black Horizon

    • From Dreamwave Productions

    • Transformers G.I. Joe

    • Transformers G.I. Joe Divided Front

    From Hasbro

    • Comic 3 Figure Packs

    • Comic 2 Figure Packs - Reprints

    • Comic 2 Figure - Original Stories

    • Comic Toy Catalogs

    From Fun Publishing

    • G.I. Joe vs Cobra Retail & JoeCon

    • G.I. Joe Collector's Club Magazine

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