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Available: Now

ISBN: 979-8-9886508-4-3


After Action Report Guide Book Series now includes a single book about a single issue. The SILENT ISSUE, G.I. Joe #21 "Silent Interlude"

by Josh Eggebeen with Roger Taft

  • 80 full color pages printed on 100# paper

  • 8.5” x 11” magazine size publication

  • Perfect binding with a visible spine

  • Softcover 

 An After Action Report Book

By Josh Eggebeen with Roger Taft
Unofficial (not sponsored by Hasbro)

Quick summary: G.I. Joe ARAH #21, written by Larry Hama, is a singularly important issue in the history of comics. It propelled G.I. Joe into the next level of comics and created an entire generation of fans that never stopped loving G.I. Joe. This book is all about one issue and the many story off shoots, like the Hasbro-released #21B. This remarkable AAR volume contains: 1) a full biography of each creator; 2) Larry Hama's, "the history of how it was made" - with detailed analysis of  Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and the Arashikage Ninja Clan; 3) the cultural impact and social value of a "silent" comic; and 4) the hunt for the very elusive #21 2nd Printing.  The creators of this important addition to the AAR book collection will closely examine the key pages in #21 and comment on their impact and meaning. And, the frosting on the cake, all of the international versions are represented. And, FINALLY (we didn't forget) - in After Action Report tradition, we give the reader the valuable guide pages and a checklist for every version (or homage) in which #21 appeared - to help the collector collect them ALL!

What's Inside?

  • Introduction by G.I. Joe podcaster, author & comic shop owner Tim Finn.

  • Page breakdown and commentary of the most important pages of #21.

  • The origin of the creation of #21 told by Larry Hama.

  • The importance of how revolutionary the issue being wordless or silent is in the context of comic book history.

  • The Creators: spotlight pages on the biographies of the creators of #21 & #21B which includes Larry Hama, Steve Leialoha, George Roussos, Denny O'Neil, Jim Shooter, Klaus Janson, Ed Hannigan and Jeremy Dale.

  • The origin of G.I. Joe from Jim Shooter, as well as the character of Shooter.

  • Reprinted stories from about the creators and Marvel Comics during his time as Editor in Chief. 

  • Explanations of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and the Arashikage Ninja Clan.

  • The "other" #21 stories aka the few additional pages that have been created that surround the #21 story from Action Force, Devil's Due TPBs and more.

  • The #21 G.I. Joe Comic Guide book pages including every known American version of a reprint of #21, TPB's and from all over the world with an international section plus the many homage covers.

  • The Hunt for #21 2nd Printing with contributions by Tommy Hazleton. This section tracks the history of the hunt for the elusive 2nd Printing that was first reported in AAR books in 2020 and with further updates here.

  • Checklist for your collecting NEEDS.

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