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A Must-Have Item for Any G.I.Joe Comic 

Book Collector and Fan

Your collection isn’t complete without our comic book guide - a checklist and photo guide rolled into one book!

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After Action Report Volume #1 Marvel Era 1982-1996 

An Unofficial G.I. Joe Comic Guide Book 

by Roger Taft & Josh Eggebeen

Contains all Marvel-era English language G.I Joe comics published between 1982 and 1996 from America, Canada, Australia and the UK 

 all contained in a handy-to-use144-page, carefully-bound magazine sized volume. 

The After Action Report: G.I. Joe Comic Guide will function as your total guide and checklist for every known G.I. Joe comic book published throughout the Marvel Era. Every cover is pictured, with every variation noted and identified.

An Exclusive original artwork front cover by Rod Whigham & a back cover by Rod Whigham & Tom Feister.

In the back of the guide, you'll find a condensed checklist to help when you're out hunting those elusive final variants 

needed to complete your collection. 

Interviews with writer/artist Larry Hama, letterer Rick Parker & artist Rod Whigham 

plus an introduction by former Hasbro Brand Manager Kirk Bozigian

Highlight-page articles covering the history ARAH #21 and its 2nd Printing, Action Force in the UK, 

The History of G.I. Joe & the Transformers Crossovers & Todd McFarlane's #61

The Kickstarter for Volume #1 was successfully funded in October of 2020 with Volume #1 presold from February to September of 2021 on this website. Shipped to backers & buyers in September 2021.

 Currently AAR Vol #1 is only available to be purchased online here.  But also available at conventions the authors attend.

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